SA Tech & Consultancy

Inventory Management System

At SA Tech & Consultancy, we offer a comprehensive Inventory Management System designed to streamline your inventory processes and enhance efficiency. Our software provides a range of features to ensure smooth management of your inventory. Here's a summary of the modules included:

Modules Summary:

  1. Purchase & Procurement Management Module: Streamline the procurement process and manage purchases effectively.

  2. Stock & Inventory Management System: Keep track of your inventory levels and manage stock efficiently.

  3. Sales & Delivery Management Module: Manage sales orders and track deliveries to customers seamlessly.

  4. Commercial Module: Handle commercial activities related to inventory management.

  5. Integrated General Accounts: Maintain accurate financial records with our integrated general accounts system.

  6. Business Intelligence Dashboard & Operational Customized Dashboard: Access insights and analytics through customizable dashboards.

  7. Notification Management System (Mail & SMS): Stay informed about important events and activities through email and SMS notifications.

  8. User Controlling Module: Manage user access and permissions to ensure data security.

Advanced Software Facilities:

  1. Daily Auto Mail to Business Owner: Receive daily updates and reports directly to your inbox for quick insights.

  2. Free User Training: We offer comprehensive training to ensure your team maximizes the benefits of our software.

  3. IAS & IFRS Standard Accounts Reporting Facility: Ensure compliance with international accounting standards.

  4. All Financial Issues "Approval Button" Facility: Streamline financial processes with easy approval mechanisms.

  5. Daily Data Backup Facility: Your data is securely backed up every day for peace of mind.

  6. Remote Login & Control Facility: Access and manage your system remotely for added convenience.

  7. User Log Control Facility: Keep track of user activities for enhanced security and accountability.

  8. L/C Auto Costing (Based on CBM or Invoice Value): Automatically calculate L/C costs based on volume or invoice value for accurate financial management.

For more details, including module specifics, PPT presentations, and live software demonstrations, please contact us via Whatsapp at +01836401967 or email us at Our team is available to discuss how our customizable Inventory Management System can benefit your business.